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Final Tally and pretty hands!
Feeling better! :D

My arms feel sore in that horrible painful sunburn way. My first night back to Doris' was the worst night of sleep in my entire life. I need my arms propped up, or else I'm uncomfortable.

But enough about meeeeeee.

Mom got a new job! She's going to work at a brand new Junior High as one of the art teachers. She gets an awesome room and her own office! Wow! We celebrated last night by going to Texas Roadhouse. Nothing says "yay new job!" like ribs!

Old Navy owns my cheap soul. So much for the Goth Girl Glam. I got a pull over for my recovery and a pair of pj bottoms to match for 10 bucks. The pj bottoms were $2.97. Less than three bucks! for COOL green cotton pj bottoms! How can you go wroooooong?!

My hands aren't swollen anymore. Best thing in the world. Gonna sleep this week. Alot. MAYBE I'll sew some more. Maybe.

So, final tally of my costume poll:

Black satin is going towards an all out Victorian Bustle gown.

And, the Mint green was a tie. You guys suck. ;_; I'll just put it away till I find something really worth making. Still open to suggestions, though.

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mrbnatural From: mrbnatural Date: May 29th, 2005 08:31 pm (UTC) (Link)
How soon will it be before you're able to take the bandages off to take a photo of the gorey bruising? :D
soraaoi From: soraaoi Date: May 30th, 2005 07:23 am (UTC) (Link)
I'll try and take pics of the bruising this morning. As it's been 6 days, though, who knows how bad the bruises are compared to three days ago...

I had this knarly nasty big black and blue bruise on my upper right shoulder. Maybe it's still there!
(Deleted comment)
soraaoi From: soraaoi Date: May 30th, 2005 07:51 am (UTC) (Link)
Thanks! ^o^ I'd never had anything major done before like this.

My problem is/was that I have had fat upper arms since I was about 12. My fat always localized itself there, and I can go up and down weight constantly and notice a change in my legs, stomach and butt or even my face! But I could never do enough to shape my arms myself.

Let me start off by say these words of wisdom: Don't do it if you can get results by lifting some old fashioned weights.

Liposuction should never be the lazy way out. I think it's great I haave problem area being fixed at the moment, but I would never consider doing this again. It IS painful. It IS uncomfortable for weeks to come and it IS pricey.

But lemme answer your three questions as best I can so far.

1) The surgery and aftercare was $2500. However, you have to order your own uncomfortable granny garment, medication plus neosporin for the stitches. About 100 bucks more, so it was really more like $2600. Liposuction depends on the person, though, and I might have uber fatter arms than you. For me $2500, for you $1000 or $3000. Who knows?

2) I can't give you a CLEAR "yay" or "nay" on that one since I'm not 100% healed. I just saw the stitches for the first time Saturday and they are teeny tiny! I've had scratches bigger than that! I don't think they're going to be noticable in that "Heeeey, did you have ARM LIPOSUCTION?!" sort of way at all.
Also, FYI, they're on the elbow. Not the crook of your arm, but the actual point of my elbow.

3) This is a very good question. x___x;;; I'm wondering this myself. My doc told me there is a small chance I may want an Arm Lift, which is when they go in and remove the actual droppy skin and tighten your arms. I'm hoping and praying it won't be needed, but right now I'm still VERY swollen and bruised I can barely tell a diffrence in my arms. Ask me this question in about 7 more weeks. XD

That last one said; The Doc did tell me it's usually older patients that need the Arm Lift. The younger you are, the better chance you have of getting your skin back into snap. I hope it's true for me... *bites nails*

And P.S.

If it hurts this much to have your ARMS done, I can't imagine having my LEGS done. x_x;; I have to wear this compressor garment for 8 weeks. I read in the broucher that people who do their hips, butts and legs have to wear one for 8 MONTHS. @__@
teasingfool From: teasingfool Date: May 30th, 2005 09:05 am (UTC) (Link)
*shudder* I know that sunburn pain all too well and you have all my sympathies for it.

Congrats to your mom on the job and to you on the cheap pj's!
soraaoi From: soraaoi Date: May 30th, 2005 09:49 am (UTC) (Link)
And today we went back to Old Navy and I got a work out outfit for my Weight Training I class this summer.

Pastel yellow sweat hoodie- $5.97
Pastel yellow lounge pants- $3.95

Total yellow work out outfit- Ten big ones.

Holla! :DDDDD
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