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Time for a real post for a change.

I'm glad to be back. Classes started today, and I signed up for an override to get into my favorite French teacher's class but it's up in the air right now. I may or may not get my perfect schedule. Well... actually it'll never be perfect since I have three classes with Barbara Cox (costume teacher FROM HELL who eats babies).

Danielle is offically hooked up with Ryan Jarcy. See past photos if you need faces to go with names. They seem really happy and I feel glad to help play matchmaker. Now if only they'd do the same and help me find someone...

So the three of us went mall hopping last night. Jarcy told us about a store that sells university hoodies for only 8 bucks. I got me a North Texas fleece-lined hoodie for $8.50! Score! Those things are usually $50 or so.

Been hanging out with the two Ryans, Dani and James alot lately. They're hilarious to be around and I really needed a pick-me-up after the slow holiday. James is an arrogant dick but the things he says has me rolling 90% of the time. Just because he heads a band, he thinks he is IT. I just have to roll my eyes and move on with the conversation.

Oh yeah! And I pwned monopoly the other night. Hahaha... it was great. Ryan and James started acting like sore losers and calling me a 'jew'. I mentioned it was getting cold in the lobby and James looked at me after I collected 'rent' from him and said "Are you sure it's not your SOUL freezing over?" XDDD Sore loser.

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I had to share this; I saw this print in the mall last night and fell in love with it. It's so sad and sweet. I know, I'm such a loser...

Oh and if anyone needs to know, here's my schedule of classesCollapse )

I am DYING to move into an apartment. Glad I can say I lived the dorm life because you can fucking HAVE it and I hope you CHOKE on it.

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Hey hey hey! Beck-chan's another year older!

Happy Birthday, yankeerose69!

I hope you have a great day! Eat lots of cheesecake! It's your day!
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Stolen from mrbnatural:

01. Ask me for a "TOP FIVE" list!

This can be pretty much anything! I will list my top five of that thing/things. Amusement ensues! Really, ask me anything. I will not lie! I pwomise! The weirder, the better.

02. Then do the same in your journal!

And I will ask you silly things for you to give me five of your favorites in. Wouldn't that be fun? *beats you with the fun stick* :D

Just for starters, some peeps in MrB's journal suggested some good ones to her, such as: "Top Five James Dean Moments", "Top Five GOB Lines (From Arrested Development)", "Top Five Degrassi Episodes", "Top 5 TV Characters", "Top Five Favorite Words To Use", "Top 5 Boston-Area Bands", "Top Five Guilty Pleasure Foods". You know, stuff like that! :D :D :D


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Random thought while on a sewing break:

Is it fandom sacrilege if you use your copy of The Half Blood Prince to hold down pattern peices while you cut fabric out?

m0untain_bird, I'm working on your gown for the photoshoot.

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Everyone going to their Harry Potter midnight release parties; Have fun for me! ;__;

I had a costume... I even knitted a Slytherin scarf! But I have to watch stupid Doris tonight. >.< I did order my book, though, so I'll pick up my copy tomorrow in broad daylight.

I'm pitiful. I know it.

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Tagged by mrbnatural! :D

Post the top ten celebrities you think are hot behind a cut with pictures to prove your point to your friends. Then tag five people on your friends list so that they can do it right back at ya!

My Hottest Celebs behind here!Collapse )

I tag...

I wanna know what you guys like! :D

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Stolen from teasingfool

505 movies! Whew!Collapse )

I'm too lazy to count all the ones I've seen out of 505.

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Pictures... a little late, but as promised!

My CHILDREN!Collapse )

I invested in a hoopskirt. 30 bucks well spent, I think.

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mrbnatural is DYING to see SOME results of my surgery.

I'm happy to oblige! These are the day before my sugery and these are what my arms looks like TODAY as of 5/30/05.

Cut because they're pretty gross!Collapse )

Bare in mind that this is just SIX days after the surgery. I have to wear this ugly garment for EIGHT MORE WEEKS. This is NOT a finished product. I am taking a weight training class from June to August this summer so I will be SEXXXY by UNT time!

ALSO! I am leaving this post public so friends without LJ can see, but PLEASE don't take these pictures and spread them. It's personal.

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Feeling better! :D

My arms feel sore in that horrible painful sunburn way. My first night back to Doris' was the worst night of sleep in my entire life. I need my arms propped up, or else I'm uncomfortable.

But enough about meeeeeee.

Mom got a new job! She's going to work at a brand new Junior High as one of the art teachers. She gets an awesome room and her own office! Wow! We celebrated last night by going to Texas Roadhouse. Nothing says "yay new job!" like ribs!

Old Navy owns my cheap soul. So much for the Goth Girl Glam. I got a pull over for my recovery and a pair of pj bottoms to match for 10 bucks. The pj bottoms were $2.97. Less than three bucks! for COOL green cotton pj bottoms! How can you go wroooooong?!

My hands aren't swollen anymore. Best thing in the world. Gonna sleep this week. Alot. MAYBE I'll sew some more. Maybe.

So, final tally of my costume poll:

Black satin is going towards an all out Victorian Bustle gown.

And, the Mint green was a tie. You guys suck. ;_; I'll just put it away till I find something really worth making. Still open to suggestions, though.

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I KNEW there was a reason I was so content with getting my touch-ups on my hair at the salon instead of through a home kit.

*twitch* MY SCALP! It BUUUUURN! ;__________;

Owwwwwie! >o< *grabby hands* I wanna scratch sooooo bad!

*runs like heck to shower*

Don't do it at home! NOT WORTH IT!

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Daytime TV sucks. Poor housewives... what they must endure.

They have Larry Elder on right now, and while I usually go shower while he's on, today's guests struck a cord.

They're a bunch of dead beat dads who haven't seen their children and/or emotionally, physically abandoned them. They're trying to worm their way back into their grown kids' hearts, and the results are pretty predictable.

"You're too late."

"You've been replaced."

"You're going to die alone, the same alone you left me in."

It's much much much easier to get through to little kids. Little kids still need their daddy in their life, and they're sooo happy when they're reunited. But when you see the grown children being reunited with their fuck-head fathers, there's not a single smile or hug to be seen. My point is this:

What the hell did you expect? Of course your daughter's not going to cry because you have terminal cancer. YOU HAVEN'T BEEN THERE FOR HER. Why should she be there for you?

I hope that Daniel Beard gets terminal cancer. I hope he enjoys dying alone, without any tears of mourning from his oldest (and wisest) child. I hope his egotistical self enjoys the empty funeral parlor.

Yeah, I'm bitter. Yeah, I'm angry. Yeah, I probably always will be. But I'm overcoming alot. I think alot about how that dope-head never even got his associate degree, even though his mommy sent him to college on several diffrent occasions. I think about credibility. I have it.

People need to stop having kids. Seriously. Masturbate, don't procreate!

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I just saw my friend guardianhunter post about some drama (and I use the term lightly) on message boards. And you can blame her for this rant I'm about to do.

Now, I BRIEFLY remember a point in my life when, yeah, I checked A-kon message boards. But LORD what DRAMA they have going on at that site!

All the teenage drama in the world condenses itself at these anime cons. That is -exactly- the reason why I would rather pierce my nipples than deal with going to another anime con.

Pro with nipple piercing: Sexy boobies.

Pro with Cons: NONE!

WHY in the WORLD would I want to go to an anime Con where a bunch of high school students who don't bathe or eat yet crowd up my breathing space with their idiocies?

Why would I want to converse with stuck up 20-something that is still living at home with their parents because they're too thick and shallow to spend their money and time on anything other than cosplaying?

Why should I spend money on costume, hotel, food and shopping when I'm not even leaving the state and getting an enjoyable vacation out of it?

Point blank, I would rather go to The Church or out to eat with my friends, or to New Orleans or Las Vegas than waste a penny on a con about as exciting as a botched piercing.

Please, sweet, kind, good friends, DO NOT ask why I am NOT going to Akon. I'll shove this post up your nose.

OH! And AWESOME NEWS! Someone all ready wants the Victorian gown! I hope UK-bitch sends it back in good condition because this new customer is a high profile Body Modification Professional! Check it out:

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Uh oh.



I've sold BOTH my gowns on within a day of each other. I'm just waiting for funds. And AND the two buyers are from Europe; UK and France! A French person bought my 1700's gothic ballgown! ^o^ I envy my gowns. They get to go exactly where I dream of visitng.


O_O;; So what's gonna happen? HUH? Am I gonna get a ticket? Am I gonna need to take this money to transfer elsewhere?! What's gonna happen to me?!

NOTHING good ever happens to me without some sort of punishment coming back to bite me.

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I'm soooo not ready for my French test.

Imparfait and passe compose are going to fuck my shit up.

Can't we all just talk in present tense forever? :(

On the up side; I got my psychology assignments done, and my history paper just needs fine tuning. I'm doing my biology assignment after class today. Not bad.

Oh wow... they're going to make a musical of Adam Sandler's The Wedding Singer! That's my favorite movie he's made. All the other ones are such crap. >o<

I've decided, once I go to register for Fall classes at UNT next Friday... No absolutely no classes that start before 8:30 am.

So what if I take classes every day of the week? I won't have the money to go out. Just sit around in my dorm room or hall. Knitting. Or studying. Vise Versa, actually.

I feel sick. I think I should get acupuncture for my digestive problem.

And apparently that's as interesting as I get. :D

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As promised.

Image hosted by

Anyone who can tell me WHY will get a cookie.

More under the cut!Collapse )

The end!

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We actually get out of French early today!

...and no one wants to go have lunch with me. ;___________________________;

*sobs and eats PBJ sandbitch*

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It's the little things in life that matter...

My The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert CD came in!

Bye bye! I'm off to become a man so I can become a drag queen.

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*raises wine glass*

Here's to you, oh St. Patty's Day Drunk! To the alcoholic and the wino! To those who dance and jig with the pint in their hand!

A happy night to you all, and a happy time driving home. ^.~

My friend Hong was my middle-man for purchasing two bottles of Vampire wine for me. God bless older friends.

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LJ friendsCollage.

Brought to you by pratibha75 and teemus.

Aw, you guys make such a pretty collage.

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The winds of change are blowing!

Soooo, I got a call from the nicest Academic Advisor from UNT yesterday. Cy-Fair College's government courses are bullshit, apparently. BUT that's good news. "What does it MEAN, Holly?", you ask?

Why, that my new projected day of arrival at UNT's good gracing campus is Fall 2005 instead of Spring 2006. HOORAY! I get to enter a university like a normal student!

All I have to take this summer is Biology II, Public Speaking (I may take it online this spring, actually...) and possibly a kine course.


Oh, yeah. I think I failed my Math Class, so add math to the list above and put a question mark by it for me.

Literature final next and then I'm doooooooooone! Party! Woo! *collapses from exhaustion*

I worked 24 hours at the bookstore this week. I hope I work 30 next week. :D I need 325 dollars for my housing deposit for UNT, plus 350 more for my spring tuition.

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While I think about it, I simply have to recommend this film;

The Brotherhood of the Wolf
Le Pacte des Loups

Ok, so I was skeptical and just looking for a way to bone up on French while we were out for the Holiday, but I ended up REALLY enjoying this movie. Anyone who likes those action, adventure, blood, gore, historical, BASED ON A TRUE STORY (OMFG!), mystery, semi-love story SHOULD SEE THIS FILM.

It has it all; Awesome costumes, taxidermy, wolves, wicked high-kicking fight scenes, brothels, sex, blood, political intrigue... Something for everyone. :D

If I can, I would definately look into getting a copy... along with Amadeus.

  watch it
Watch me shoot!

  watch it all ready
Watch me whore!

  why aren&apos;t you watching?
Watch me beat down peasents!

  Fuck you if you don&apos;t watch it
Watch it or I KEEL you.

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It was sooooo much fun! And the best part was that I only spent 15 dollars of my own money. <3

I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. But the last photo, you can see I'm wearing my BRAND NEW gold chainmail circlet/necklace. I also got matching earring but you can't really see them.

So without further ado, I present my day at the Renaissance festival.

Complete with pink and black hairCollapse )

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OMG! OMG! I can't believe this is true!

They're making a -semi- sequel to Labyrinth!

I stole this from kaorusakito who's my movies-to-come informant.

Trailer and info HERE!

There's no Goblin King, or crotch shots, but for the fact that Jim Henson productions are doing it helps! And it's in the same manner of Dark Crystal and Labyrinth except for the 21st century graphics!

I'm so happy! ^o^ Anyone wanna make icons? *looks to ponyboy and mrbnatural * ^_~

P.S. mrbnatural , I took your advice from awhile ago and got my hair touched up. Eet's black and GREEN now and I bought some delicious red lipstick too! ^o^ I WILL take pics. I should dye my hair every color w/ the black and have one of those banners saying "SoraAoi is Love" XD

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Oh. My God. Lookit me. I'm sexy! *ego inflates to no return*

ponyboy now owns my soul. *grovels*

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