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What do I care?
The winds of change are blowing!

Soooo, I got a call from the nicest Academic Advisor from UNT yesterday. Cy-Fair College's government courses are bullshit, apparently. BUT that's good news. "What does it MEAN, Holly?", you ask?

Why, that my new projected day of arrival at UNT's good gracing campus is Fall 2005 instead of Spring 2006. HOORAY! I get to enter a university like a normal student!

All I have to take this summer is Biology II, Public Speaking (I may take it online this spring, actually...) and possibly a kine course.


Oh, yeah. I think I failed my Math Class, so add math to the list above and put a question mark by it for me.

Literature final next and then I'm doooooooooone! Party! Woo! *collapses from exhaustion*

I worked 24 hours at the bookstore this week. I hope I work 30 next week. :D I need 325 dollars for my housing deposit for UNT, plus 350 more for my spring tuition.

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From: kaorusakito Date: December 10th, 2004 01:08 am (UTC) (Link)
hiyas, getting my friends addy for you so you can get directions to her house. its only like 5 mins from where i live so not to far.

basiclly everyone can bring 5$ to cover the cost of the food stuffs we are getting or they can bring something to contribute in the way of food/drinks and such. its also a sleep over so if you want to stay the night bring a sheet and a pillow ^_^ though i dono how much sleep we will get. im also trying to get some good champaine for the party too... at lest something thats good. I had invited dylan and jamie but dylan has to work so i dont think they will come and i invted candice but sam is going to be here so im assuming she wont come either lol

hmm thats all the info i can think of so far as to whats been planed lol

oh also is your cell number the same? i havent called in awhile and with all the moving or supposed moving you did lol wasnt sure if it had changed or not.
soraaoi From: soraaoi Date: December 10th, 2004 03:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
Awesome! I'll bring my 'cover-charge' and sushi cupcakes! :D Super cool recipe.

My cell# is still the same: 832-264-4824, and if your cell # is still the same, then we're in good shape.

I'm so excited! If you like, I can also bring Brotherhood of the Wolf. Have you seen it? It seems like a movie you would like...
From: kaorusakito Date: December 10th, 2004 06:11 pm (UTC) (Link)
awesome! I cant wait and bring teh movie too. i never got to see it as my dad is anti subtitles.. sooo lol yeah.

it wil be so much fun hehe i cant wait to see you again. its been so long with everyone being so busy and all.
3 fumbling replies // Care to dance?