Pourquoi? - Blue Sky
Everybody love a winner, So nobody love me
I'm soooo not ready for my French test.

Imparfait and passe compose are going to fuck my shit up.

Can't we all just talk in present tense forever? :(

On the up side; I got my psychology assignments done, and my history paper just needs fine tuning. I'm doing my biology assignment after class today. Not bad.

Oh wow... they're going to make a musical of Adam Sandler's The Wedding Singer! That's my favorite movie he's made. All the other ones are such crap. >o<

I've decided, once I go to register for Fall classes at UNT next Friday... No absolutely no classes that start before 8:30 am.

So what if I take classes every day of the week? I won't have the money to go out. Just sit around in my dorm room or hall. Knitting. Or studying. Vise Versa, actually.

I feel sick. I think I should get acupuncture for my digestive problem.

And apparently that's as interesting as I get. :D

Current Mood: nauseated nauseated

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