Sigh. No cut for yous! - Blue Sky
Everybody love a winner, So nobody love me
Sigh. No cut for yous!
Daytime TV sucks. Poor housewives... what they must endure.

They have Larry Elder on right now, and while I usually go shower while he's on, today's guests struck a cord.

They're a bunch of dead beat dads who haven't seen their children and/or emotionally, physically abandoned them. They're trying to worm their way back into their grown kids' hearts, and the results are pretty predictable.

"You're too late."

"You've been replaced."

"You're going to die alone, the same alone you left me in."

It's much much much easier to get through to little kids. Little kids still need their daddy in their life, and they're sooo happy when they're reunited. But when you see the grown children being reunited with their fuck-head fathers, there's not a single smile or hug to be seen. My point is this:

What the hell did you expect? Of course your daughter's not going to cry because you have terminal cancer. YOU HAVEN'T BEEN THERE FOR HER. Why should she be there for you?

I hope that Daniel Beard gets terminal cancer. I hope he enjoys dying alone, without any tears of mourning from his oldest (and wisest) child. I hope his egotistical self enjoys the empty funeral parlor.

Yeah, I'm bitter. Yeah, I'm angry. Yeah, I probably always will be. But I'm overcoming alot. I think alot about how that dope-head never even got his associate degree, even though his mommy sent him to college on several diffrent occasions. I think about credibility. I have it.

People need to stop having kids. Seriously. Masturbate, don't procreate!

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