Blue Sky
Everybody love a winner, So nobody love me
I got two more for sale! I'm desperate!

A Fantasy Gown

And my The Church Gown. *weeps* *waves*

I'm learning how to knit! Yay! OMG it takes a LONG time just to make two inches. x_x

Zohra! Becky! I'm coming! 36 more hours!

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Stolen from mrbnatural

I want everyone who reads this to ask me 3 questions, no more no less. Ask me anything you want, I DON'T CARE. It's part of the fun.

Then I want you to go to your journal, copy and paste this allowing your friends (including myself) to ask you anything.

There's no turning back now! I did it. I dyed my hair black with violet chunks.

I did what I meant to before Fall Semester starts. ^0^ And I SWEAR there will be pics! I didn't get it done professionally for nothing!

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Which cult classic badass are you? by rook901
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Today I had lunch with Rebecca and her friend, who is a professional clown for children's parties.

...and she's also married to Santa Clause. ^o^

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Care to dance?
the scar you're most proud the moment? My eyebrow scar. XD
your favourite condimentMustard. No fat! =D
if you have frecklesSeveral here and there. More like "connect the dots" than freckle-y
your preferred method of cookingBaking....sweet! ^o^
what shoes you're wearingA six dollar pair of black and brown sandles from Payless
how many children you haveNone. Zip. Ziltch. How many will I have? 0 to 1.
the first person you french kissedJonathan Daniel Taylor
your preferred breed of dogToughie. Siberian Husky.
where you were bornHouston, TX
what colour underwear you're wearing^0^;;;;
where your keys are right nowBy the door.
if you have split endsNerp. Not anymore.
when you last got laid^0^ ...May this year. My first one-night stand ever!
your opinion on airline foodCRAP.
what cosmetic surgery you would considerLiposuction and microderma-abrasion (get rid of acne scars)
best kiddie playground equipment to have sex onlmao... uhh...Slide?
your worst maladyWhat's a malady? Sickness? Mono.
if your mum loves your dadlmfao. No.
if you can sing wellNo.
what your olympic event would beNo. ....swimming?
someone you admireJosiah Franklin.
which country would be hardest for you to locate on a mapCambodia.
the last time you criedMonday morning.
your most interesting sexual congress location....? .....uh....? brother's bed?
part of the Sunday papers you read firstComics! =D
the languages you speakGerman. (Very badly)
the religion you were raised inBaptist
if you can draw wellsorta have to when designing costumes
your favourite photographThe one I did of Candice Boyles. Hand-colored.
what you should be doing instead of thisWashing my hair/getting ready for school


Ebay auction ends tonight. *crosses fingers*

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Quick! Look! I listed one of my costumes! Let's see if it'll sell!

Please oh please oh please.

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I knew you would, Michelle!
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Stolen from teasingfool

1) Go to google and type in "You know you're from (your state here) if.."
2) Steal the ones that apply to you
3) Paste and bold them into your lj
4) Share with friends!

Love from Houston, Texas!Collapse )


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Found out some exciting news last night!

Miller Outdoor Theatre will be showing Big River July 13-18 FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111oneoneoneoneone

It's so exciting! I bought the soundtrack, which is hard to get ahold of as it's a musical that hasn't been put on stage for a looooong time. And here, they're putting it on for FREE! =O

Yeah, I guess you have to be a theatre nerd at heart to appreciate it.

Things turned out badly with Best Buy yesterday. They wanted to give me a GIFT CARD instead of my cash back. I got pissed and whined and bitched and so now I'm supposed to recieve a check from their H.Q. within 14 days.

So now I'm hesitant to shop there again. >_>

In other news, I have this desire to dye my hair like... some girl my mom saw on the Oprah show. According to mommy dearest, this girl had THE COOLEST HAIROMG that had her bangs (the front of her hair, like from ear to ear) that was TOTALLY WHITE and then the back of her hair was TOTALLY BLACK.

That's just the quirky dramatic look I want to go for, dammit.

And, I leave you with this...

 The Perfect Husband

Perfect Husband indeed!

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I'd like everyone's opinion on this.

Especially mrbnatural as she knows how the game works.

*taps finger on chin* I am thinking... about selling some of my beloved costumes on Ebay.

Ones like Snow Queen, the green and gold gown I attempted to make into Gothic Lolita, ect. Some are historical costumes, yanno? And I've noticed it's hard to find some really pretty premade costumes on Ebay. I need cash for college really badly.

Worth it? I'd like some input, peeps.

I've never sold anything on Ebay. I know I have the means; A digi camera, a scanner, a Paypal and Ebay account...

Any iput anyone has to offer is appeciated. It makes me sad to see my beloved costumes go, but I don't really go to Cons much anymore, and when I do, I usually end up making a new costume. x_x Help?

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Me too!

Me too!


Wee! Gotta wake up in four hours! X_______________X;;;;
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Damn. How can life go so downhill in just a day?

I got a call from the Dean of Transitional Math just a few minutes ago. I stated my case, and she said that it was a huge problem because I was taking action the final week of the semester.

Well, sorry, but the fucker started to show up less and less to teach us!

You guys have no idea what shit I've gone through with this math class. I never mentioned much about it, because it seems like I'm ranting. Well, the truth is that there ARE some things in life that fuck me over. Math is one of them. I just don't get it. And then to have an instructor who doesn't give a shit about the class, makes me fear for my education.

It's a really long story... but basically, I'm FUCKED if I don't pass this math class.

I also found out today that I have to have 16 hours of computer classes to get my degree. X___X WHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhy?!?!?!?!?!?/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1

Tomarrow is the math final. Good God, please help me.

On the money front, I need 60,000,000,000 dollars. Any takers? I found out I owe an extra 40 bucks to my usual 200 bucks to mom.
240 to mom
252 (if not more) for summer school
150 for credit card

......*falls over*

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Here be my photos from Makeup Class. Done over the semester. You can actually see my progress! <3

Old Woman

Gender Bender! A bum!

Historical. Those eyebrows are hard to get rid of.

Potential Lord of the Ring extra?

A more contemporary wolf.

Bride of Frankenstein

Bride of Frankenstein II! Curse of the hair!

Just a sweet transvestite!

Getting ready for my final.

Final finished. My fav pic so far.

Kat and I. Evil and prettiness.

Ta da! Now, who wants a makeover? XD

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Morning! Just had to share this before school!

Stolen from teasingfool

Which Delicious Man of Fiction Would You Bed?
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You Will Wake Up... Wondering what the hell happened
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Hey, that's one baby I wouldn't mind having.

*drags self downstairs to find breakfast*

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Courtesy of mrbnatural.

Yeah! Ish from Les Miserables! And I love this song!

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I'd have never known if it wasn't for ponyboy.


Have a good one!

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I still don't care what the hell anyone thinks or says, Prof. Franklin my own personal perverse version of Snape.

...they both like dark rooms, have black hair, and make me quiver.

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*scowl scowl scowl frown frown frown*

I haven't updated because I pretty much am under the impression that no one is interested in hearing about my more interesting events.

Well, tough.

The weekend was as interesting as it gets for me. I sit at home, locked away in mom's office since my room is too bright and lacks privacy. I write papers for school, or watch DVDs or talk to some people... but this is as good as it gets.

Life sucks right now. can you tell? No one has viewed the house yet... but thank God since I'm the only one who cleans up around here...

I was SO pissed on Sunday; I came home and out of NOWHERE my mom brings up all this asinine crap about how she want to adopt a child.

Uh... HELLO? You're in the middle of building a house and taking on a 30 year mortgage. o_O You can't afford to adopt!

Oh! But it would be such a good deed, and so many children need a good home out there... blahblahblahblah. Gee, last time I checked, most non-shallow people don't adopt to be a 'good person'.

THEN her hidden agenda is revealed. All along it has been her plan to boot me out of the new house in Magnolia after 1 year of living there.

Hm. Right. I get settled in, and then have to move back out again. Bitch.

So, fine. In two years, then, I will be looking for residence... most likely in Dallas. Not for friends or anything, but because Dallas seems like a cooler (literally) version of Houston.

Uh. I swear I'll update more later, and it'll be happier, but I gtg to my Make Up class.

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To my good friend, teasingfool

A very Happy Birthday to you!

I hope you have an awesome day! <3

Sorry, mrbnatural, I have nothing else to say. X_x

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It was nice to have the night away from Doris. I hope she won me a couple of hundred at the casino.

Had some weird dreams last night. Unfortunately, one was of Professor Franklin. Nothing romantic, luckily.. but it was bizarre. "I want to be around you so I can use you as a guide for the next character I'm playing in the Shakeasphere Festival."

Me? As an idealistic personality for a character in a play? Ha.

More on yesterday: I think Professor Franklin is happy with my costume shopping skills. It was pretty funny, but when we went to Good Will and Cavender's Boot City, I would head straight to a rack, while he would seach so tidiously, and I would pick up something and 9 out of 10 times we went with what I chose.

It was like I was psychic. Weird. But it made him happy.

He also asked/told me (it was pretty much a 'no is not an answer' deal) that I'm going to be the Runner. Which means that I'll be there about an hour before the shows go on, get out the costumes, help the actors with wigs, makeup, ect.

Ha ha... I'm the Technical Director's bitch. "You do MY make-up, ho. And pump it up."

Oh yeah... this morning was my subject.

I got pulled over. Again. Not by the same guy, luckily. It was SO stupid! But I was upset anyhow. I had stopped at the stop sign, but stopped kinda past the sign. So it was a delayed stop apparently. The guy let me off (not even a warning) and we were both poliet to each other, but DAMN it. I hate that shit.

It made me late for my English class. =/ In which I got a D on my paper. She gave me very good feedback for revision.. and she said a C+ is a high average, and a C is standard for 99% of the class. Sucks to know no one can make a B or an A ever.

Mom is going to Bellair Saturday to look for a wedding dress. Yay! I can have my bubble tea! <3 <3 <3

"Yeah, mom... *slurp, chew* ...looks great. No, no, lime green is OK for a country wedding. *slurp slurp chew* No, no you're not fat in that skin tight thing. *sluuuuuurp* Can we go back to Duno Baby after this?"

Your Dark Secret by tinyman
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Your dark secretYou rape little boys
How many times you have done this6
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It became obvious in two form of proof:

1) The pictures of a half naked hot dude on his digital camera. (I was in the room while he was uploading the pictures from our Make Up class)

2)I asked him about his unusual silver ring on his right ring finger. Straight from the horse's mouth; "Me and my partner have one."

So it ends here. No more mushy gushy crushes. No more sexual dreams. He wants peni, and I can't give him that.
I'll just have to be content with making him happy with my costuming/costume shopping skills.

Vice-chan... we were right... if it looks like a duck, talks like a duck, and walks with a duck... it's a gay Theatre Professor. >.<

....on the good note? I think I found someone on More later. Maybe.

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Well! Poor Professor Franklin! He works his butt of for that darn old artist director. Boys and girls, Ron Jones... the artist director of Cy-Fair College is a BAD kind of gay.

Looks like I'll be sewing waitress uniforms. *secretly is thrilled* And I'm working on the smutty, slutty showgirl costume for Cherie in Bus Stop. Ha ha... I gave her tassled pasties. XD

And mommy took pics of me in my black dress!

Smooches, darling!

My one true love...

P.S. I'm going to Hancock's again with professor Franklin tomarrow. Yay! Another day of shopping! ^o^

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So I've come to this conclusion; is a HORRIBLE dating service FULL of dirty old men.

Seriously. Not ONE guy on there who's email me was under 25. Which is the range I'm looking for.

But the good news is that has lots of handsome young men, and all of them looking for the same thing I am! A friend... not a sex kitten. =D

But... here's the bad news. I may have to subscribe. They won't let me check my mail, or anything... and the cost is 25 a month, OR 60 bucks for 3 months.

What should I do? Should I stay with the free program and get minimum communication? I don't know! x_x I'm so broke this month.

I was feeling really depressed these last couple of days... But Jen had good advice. So, to have some closure, here's my list.

Things that Upset Me
*Failing my Algebra test, and getting dropped a level
*Packing up 3/4 of my things and putting them in storage
*Not having a date yet
*Not having any money this month
*Missing my friends like Jen, Zohra, Jessica, Michelle, and Becky

How to Fix Them
*Study harder in Algebra
*Think of new house and getting out of this area
*Keep loooking and talking
*Pay off as many bills as possible this month
*Make time to see Zohra, Jessica, Michelle and Becky will be coming in soon these next couple of weekends <3

I feel a little better. I have three papers to write before Thursday, get pictures of older people, who-knows-what in Algebra, and I'm staying after today to help clean the costume shop.

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Dear Mind,

God damn you subconscious! DAMN YOU!

Stay OUT of my dreams! Making them a series of confusing moments sucks! Stop it! STOP IT!

FIRST off, I dunno WHERE you get off putting Marilyn Manson in my dreams. It was totally out of context! And me sleeping with him was NOT enjoyable. So take that and shove up your Freudian bum.

Secondly, I MILDLY appreciate the seemingly building sexual tension with Professor Franklin, but this will only make it harder and harder for me to see him in a pure light. The mad passionate kiss was nice at the end, but infront of students and teachers? That's get sloppy.

In short, Subconscious, clean it up! I'm only somewhat amused and not fully satisfied with your dream products. I will go elsewhere for my business if this continues.


Waking Up Mind of Holly

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I need to clean out my MatchMaker mail box.

Come! Snoop in my love life!Collapse )

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